The Discovery family is one of the largest lines in Scan-Speak’s families of drivers. This family was established to make certain that our customers would have access to high quality Danish designed and built drivers at an affordable price. Although affordable, make no mistake that there has been nothing compromised about these drivers’ build quality or sonic performance. The Discovery family’s line of products offers a very large variety of choice. You can build loudspeaker systems from tiny desktop models to big systems with 12” woofers and even a passive radiator all from this family. The design is based on traditional electroacoustic knowledge and craftsmanship. The cones are made of a glass fibre material coated to achieve proper damping and all cones are shaped with the NRSC (Non Resonant Suspension Coupling) principle that ensures smooth sound pressure frequency response. In this family, our well-known design, namely the 3” dome midrange D7608, still goes strong in terms of quality and performance despite its many years on the market. The 5F and 10F drivers are noteworthy as they deliver, we believe, unparalleled performance for their size. To fans of Danish loudspeaker design the Discovery tweeters will be recognized as almost “classic” unto themselves. They include a range of mostly fabric diaphragms in closed or chambered magnet systems and the diaphragms are either traditional domes or ring radiators.